Remembering Jim Huber - 2012

I can’t say that I’m all together sorry to see 2012 go

You see, it was barely thirty six hours old, when it claimed a friend

He was gifted, smart, talented, funny

and I loved when he called me “Johnny”


Nobody called me “Johnny”

Nobody will again

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been growth this year

When it began, Lisa was still in school

She has since finished

When it began, my show was on two stations

Shortly, hopefully, a seventh

maybe many more

Progress for sure, just painstakingly slow for all concerned

I do fancy myself a glass half full kinda guy

2012 has done plenty to test my resolve

But I think my late friend would be disappointed if I let it get the better of me

and so would I

So thanks for everything 2012, thanks for the love

the friendships

the support

and yes the trials and the tribulations

I promise I will do my best to learn from it all